Friday, May 13, 2016

JD DeHart- Three Poems

Speak, Eye

Watch, this moment,
observe the patterns of
passing human life

Listen to the voice
even indecipherable,
aphasia syllables and
heavy, burdened lips

Let ashes fall, dowse
their own flame, stay
back and see
how beings try so hard. 

(first appeared at Leaves of Ink)

an etching, a line
and the travels of a people
on their swollen tongues

they have traveled
and unearthed
new places

only to discover
the beginning of self.

(first appeared at Leaves of Ink)


We made sure to make
plenty of time for the sound
of the ocean, leaving the life
of flickering images behind
and neglecting the busy

In the deeper waves, dark
forms began surfacing, birds
dove in plumes of salt water

Dolphins, I said, but no,
the fins were different, the
bodies a shadow of rising
and plunging, disturbing
the calm, creating images
of rows and rows of teeth.

(first appeared at Leaves of Ink)

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