Wednesday, May 4, 2016

J. Donnelly- A Poem

J. Donnelly lives and writes in Astoria, NY. His work can be googled around the internet.

Commercial Drug Dealers

Commercials show up like unwanted drug dealers,
Refrigerator doors swing open to crack rock singles,
                Yellow, individually wrapped squares,
Clean counter tops,
White with perfect lines,
Fresh linens to keep you warm in the dark covers,
Sunny D splashes down on marble floors,
                Mop up your fix,
Products of TV environments,
Burned out through the scenes,
Arm and hammer stretching through your living room,
Serving bloody marys with poppers,
Ease the throbbing,
Start the perfect day,
All the stuf placed into our eyes,
Pushed on us,
Microwave oxycodone,
Two minutes, rotate, two minutes,
Set it and forget everything,
I found syringes of Budweiser and Miller Lite,
Scatter around the bedside of my freedom bed,
Billy Banks once said,
“we’re all going to die someday,”

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