Friday, May 13, 2016

Gwil James Thomas- Two Poems

Bio: "Gwil James Thomas was born in Bristol, England in 1987. His written work can be found online, in zines, magazines and Greek bookshops. His first poetry collection Gwil Vs. Machine is due out in 2016 (Paper and Ink)." 

Like Falling in Love Again

Carry me back to shore,
let me fall to your feet, 
tasting your skin,
pass me the survival knife,
so I can spill my guts
some more -
twist the blade
and lick my wounds clean.

And let me never 
be the same 

Meat Grinder

Highest high,
to lowest low -
our lives are spent 
on an assembly line to 
the meat grinder.

Always moving forward,
trying to work out why?
The wise make the most of it
and know that this is little more
than a small,
insignificant part, 
of a far bigger machine. 

Some fall off the
conveyor belt early,
others get pushed off. 

Some are closer to the climax 
others are behind us - 
but we all wait our turns. 

Passing things on to
one another -
taking what we can, 
until there is no more 
meat left to grind. 

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