Saturday, May 7, 2016

Dennis Villelmi- A Poem

  "Take My Place"

-Arise, mine abyss.
From the window the Lord of
Dis left open.
You knew it was me:
I, the central and celebrated madhouse king.
When the wool had fallen from my shoulders,
    and I stood exposed to their empire of flowers-
They, who crafted my dizzying orbit under moonlight-
You saw that I was withered by the floral eternal;
You knew, my god ever sinking, that I was the
Chosen player of the echoed tune.
Echoed back from apocalypse;
Echoed back from the dragon's breast which had been
Your first home...and which will be our last.
Oh script and scale!- may I at last be celebrated again
By the mad and given my license to rise where the "Artist"
-May mine abyss,
Jumped out the window,
Send me the scorched invite from the
New Holy Empire of Cries,
Where the flowers are forever only because
    the Gardener had gone mad before they had
Actually grown.
Let me stand still at the garden's center;
Let me stand for once against the moon,
And let their Lord take my place in the celebration.

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