Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ananya S. Guha- A Poem


take those fetters out
the little child in the streets does not know them 
though he is bonded- labourer.
take them out of someone
let them rest on smelly armpits.
fetters are absolutely marvellous
put you in walls of surrender,
death and loneliness. the caged animal.
look at him, he is a free libertine, growling 
when he wants, sleeping and eating.
can't speak that's all, summon those fetters
so that they break free the barriers of novices
like me. get rid of shackled freedom. the world has 
many boundaries. only fetters know the way to oblivious 
thinking. and then revolutionary battles. inside there is smoke
inside the dead rest
inside pilloried animals stamp feet
inside the reading of marx, lenin is unabated
inside they are crying out live, live, live. 
inside the many hooded beast prowls on promontories
inside, we simply hope.

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