Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ananya S. Guha- A Poem

I Withdraw

I withdraw into many closets
chambers, rooms, tunnels
into fantasy unleashed 
making foul weather out of 
rains, and the wind, temples 
of unlearning. I recede like 
flying colours into the wind
merging with skies. I shut myself into 
minaret houses, shapely domes, unearthly 
palaces. I withdraw into chambers of prison
where master minds connive, in revolution 
I forget trees, the birds, the whispering 
wind in solitude. I prepare for destiny as it overrides 
living. Books are hard to read, music becomes 
painful noise. . Only light swishes. The terrestrial. 
I become habit of reluctance. I become habit 
of undoing, doing nothing. I become wasteful extravagance.

It is then I shut the many towers, citadels, fortresses
armies barracked into one side of the world. The hope 
that never gets lost: giving, taking, sleeping, dreaming


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