Monday, May 2, 2016

Alan Catlin- Three Poems

Last Cigarette

It wasn't like him
to panic, he'd done
a front line tour of
combat duty in
the NAM so when
any serious shit came
down he just took it
in stride including all
the heart attack
symptoms, said to himself,
"Remain calm, your
having the Big One.
Get someone to drive
you over to ER, no
sweat, just hit automatic
dial and get moving."
but no one's home
he can call and he'll be
damned if he's calling
an ambulance to travel
three blocks, "You know
what one of those suckers
cost? not thinking at
the time, "What difference
would it make if he were
dead, how much will that cost?"
though it did occur, later,
when they started asking
questions like, "What did
you do after no one
answered your calls?"
"Well, hell, I lit a cigarette,
took a deep drag to settle
my nerves and started
looking for my car keys
so I could drive myself
over here." Which wasn't
a fatal move, they said but
couldn't figure out right
away exactly why not.

New Beats Make       

the scene, no longer bar hopping
low rent basement dives
hooked up to serve wine
& beer, converted from deli
to candles in a Chianti bottles
dark dive,  unheated in winter,
no AC in summer just open windows,
overhead fans, enough for these
MFA program grads slumming,
clubbing, downing designer beers
& faux drinks, taste testing the
white wines and the blush,
aperitif  experts, put it on the card,
"Do you mind not smoking?
It hurts my eyes.
Besides its the Law now, not to.
Let's do a non-metrical
line instead."

New Beats Face

many hardships
in this life:
a tough round
of golf,
having to buy
a round of
drinks for
everyone in
the clubhouse
after hole
in one,
not being
able to write
any of the drinks
off as a legit
Took a sick
day to squeeze
in 18.
Have to lay
out mucho
dinero to make
DWI go away
after the hole
in one party.
Not remembering
anything after
the third martini
shaken not
stirred asshole.
The only written
work from whole
experience on
credit card slips
club vouchers
check registers

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  1. An accelerated Beat in a mirror of unique character
    and in a proletarian setting and stridency of language.