Friday, February 12, 2016

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

a blessing in disguise 

my hair falls half-way
down my back
and it isn't short like you wanted it
to be anymore;
there's something freeing in having my hair
the way you didn't want it
of not caring about my
or those pounds you always told me i ought to lose
i am happy and healthy
that's all that should
but no matter what i did 
i wasn't good enough for you—
always something else
i should do or be
hindsight is twenty twenty and i see
now that you don't look
half as good now as i thought you did,
but you were a lesson learned and now a bridge burned
and i don't regret the fact i was left behind
blessings often come in disguise. 

one day you'll pay 

you always made
love to be
some sort of game,
but it's not chess
there are no winners when it is lost
or burned or suffers only
broken hearts;
you always told me that you loved me
but you don't destroy the people
you love in the name of
i know there's nothing i can do
to make you open your eyes
or see how wicked
you truly are,
but one day karma will knock you to your knees;
you'll fall in love with a girl who will not
have you
or maybe she'll cheat on you like you did me or
insult you insisting that you cut your
hair or gain some weight so you're not a skeleton
or maybe she'll just kick you in the groin
and go on with her life—
no matter what happens
i hope that one day you will feel my ire in sunsets
and my pain every time you observe the ocean and my
fury every time winter places his cold hand
on your soulless body.


  1. I knew a guy similar years ago. Your better off
    without him. There is someone out there who deserves you!!!!!