Friday, February 26, 2016

Ananya S. Guha- A Poem


now summer memories will begin
mnemonic, gnomic
orchestrated by rustle of wind
and the streams rippling
with stones to make paths
bushes and shrubs 
on serpentine roads summer has 
a way of talking, unlike winter's harried 
sun, I walk ways since childhood
in this hill town ravaged by the rains
besotted with plums, grapes, peaches, and fruits
of earth. Monoliths stand erect.
History speaks many tongued
cluttered roads make me uneasy
a little queasy, since childhood roads were bland
now, it is time to be a city 
city of millions, billions, 
This is a hype
we pray for 
when will these forests be abandoned
with pain? 
will the grasses grow smaller, taller
will the berries, the peaches 
suffer bleaches? 
The rain carved rocks will bring 
nether surprises.

Ananya S Guha
Shillong, INDIA.

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