Monday, February 15, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

A Difficult Campaign

campaigning difficult,
dirty hands,
and snotty noses,
Hillary wanting to be their champion,
despises the poor,
as long as she doesn't have to be,
among the illiterate horde,
smelling and touching them,
Bernie successful among the poor,
he believes himself to be,
one in the same,
blaming the rich is Bernie's spiel,
the name of Bernie's game,
Bill was great among the poor,
looking for his next lay,
he knew the buttons to push,
how to manipulate facts,
of his own choosing,
knowing the poor desperate enough,
to believe anything,
campaigning difficult,
if you despise the poor.


fanatics one and all,
seen through the media's eyes,
relativism all the rage,
in this culture,
in this age,
black and white,
or wrong and right,
no longer exist,
only fringe dwellers,
and fanatics,
never see any gray,
laws and concepts,
no longer absolute,
skin color,
financial status,
should all be in play,
influencing how laws should be viewed,
a blindfold for Lady Justice,
will no longer do,
to be fair,
she must see skin color,
and know whether rich or poor,
gender critical,
before justice administered,
read the words of the laws,
and expect,
laws followed as written,
fanatics one and all.

Saint Scalia

Saint Scalia gone,
God a democrat,
and Obama supporter,
fate predestines America's fall,
seemingly so easy to avoid,
yet Americans no smarter,
than the Romans,
or Greeks,
history holds lessons,
but that not the key,
and expectations,
what is in it for me,
America built looking to the future,
sacrifices made for grandchildren,
and their children,
in America today,
the present presides,
fuck the grand kids,
fuck the past,
give me mine now,
and my grand kids too,
a government cannibalizing itself,
to plunder the present,
open your eyes,
on the destruction of the mighty,
the heavens weep again,
over lessons still unlearned.


  1. Egomaniacs make up contracts they cannot sign.

  2. We are all going to hell in a bucket... I don't know... I don't have the answers ...