Sunday, February 14, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


terrorism attracts the shallow souls,
since forever,
always harder to love,
than to hate,
hate is easy,
rationalization is all it takes,
hate explodes from the inside out,
love requires the soul outside the self,
love demands,
control given up,
hate means to never let go,
control must be kept,
ideology protected,
isolated with body and soul,
killing anything that threatens,
the inferno of hate,
burning within,
purifying thought and action,
until the flames of rage,
out of control.

The Voter

the factory closed months ago,
moved across the sea,
hands restless as they stand in line,
no smiles seen,
anxiety visible in every eye,
waiting to vote,
a lottery ticket,
a hope,
and a dream,
that just maybe,
a candidate will care about America,
than getting their fair share,
the factory closed,
months ago.

Economics 101

government creates no wealth,
bureucrats only parasites,
attempting to regulate a nation's bounty,
cajole and intimidate,
all for the common good,
the government divine,
incapable of evil,
if seen through bureaucratic eyes,
rape and plunder the economy of the elite,
sue the states,
the corporations,
the policemen,
who walk the beat,
watching and waiting,
with the whip,
patiently preparing to pounce,
if a mistake made,
a momentary slip,
left to itself,
government could not survive,
the wealth then,
soon sucked dry,
so the attacks continue in their many forms,
welcome to America,
where citizens oppressed,
now the new norm.

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  1. An intelligent enjambment at a rant for enlightenment
    of people searching for better government.