Thursday, February 11, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

A New Century

the world on fire,
climate change,
softer on the ear,
hell spreads across the globe,
the water gone,
except when it storms,
Biblical floods,
Noah and the ark,
two by two,
its all legal now,
the century growing old before our eyes.

Warp Speed

Rome lasted centuries,
but technology condenses time,
lifetimes now,
contained in a day,
yesterday's news,
ancient history,
psychology and philosophy,
an old and weary nation,
people old beyond their years,
the future approaches,
the abyss ahead,
the car picks up speed,
the brakes old and rusty,
no mechanics to be found.

Security Sought

wealth not sought,
the knowledge ignored,
security does not exist,
never did,
an illusionary lie,
regardless of health,
or finances,
we will all one day die,
whether happy or sad,
the choice our own,
the government not Oz,
handing out brains,
or hearts.


  1. All three poems are really good! I especially liked
    "Warp Speed" America is speeding ahead with faulty
    brakes. Mechanics are all working overseas!!!!
    What happened to us???

  2. A Whitmaniac might even applaud your fine millennial vision.Congrats!