Saturday, February 13, 2016

B.Z. Niditch- Three Poems


You bought me
an Albert Einstein
sweat shirt
on Valentine's Day
a century after his theory
of relativity was confirmed
today on the B.B.C.
when we were transformed
of a past love's fragility
in the shells of the Dover sea
we discovered in our spirit
my personal poetry 
and gave her
away in my kayak
until we became angry
as her Scottish dialect spoke
over a William Morris print
though it was only a copy
which she lost on the beach
with her poisoned love letters
behind our sun burnt back
as if we awoke in a dream
as thunder and lightening
rose up with knots of air
knowing love no better
than a weight of rocks
I proposed on
we still regret so long ago.


Why today
trying to scat
the music of my sax
does not rise up
the way it should be at
perhaps this one Beat
of a once cool cat
has grown too warm
as I sit by the bed
with a perfumed scent
of old Valentine lyrics
leaving me indifferent
after all the storms
of his rage and fury
at this closed door
not wanting to go into
a long corridor
of romantic memory
feeling in a candles glow
after trudging in the shade
feeling as an exile
over the sun's passing
covering its white shadows
meeting me alone
with my last prayer card
enlightening on my desk
in a snow globe's
silent greeting
it the form of an obelisk
of my abstracted notes
sounding past midnight
before the dawn in Brighton.


I might be mistaken
for a distinguished stranger
or even a mild shadow
of a poet man
in a surprised view
at an old church manger
as we pass 
by the hay and straw crib
assured of God love
after Christmas is over
yet images of life's rib
of Adam and Eve
are still alive as stars
of Bethlehem arriving
in the Common green
to cover over the clover
in the wellspring land
as the light of the world
is not extinguished
but shines as arrows
of St. Sebastian
are sent into space
tomorrow in a day's time
as capsules to Mars.

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