Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bradford Middleton- Three Poems


I want a world without money
Where everyone is equal to one another
And no one is hoisted on a pedestal
Just because of their job
All food should be free
As should booze and anything else
Because if it weren’t a status
Hardly anything would be needed

For me, well all I need is a roof over my head
Some food in my stomach and booze to addle my mind

I don’t need any widescreen TV
To make me feel important
As I’ve got a mind that is free to wander
Outside of the normal
Away from the desire to fit in
Remaining calm in the face of consumerist desires
Telling me what they think I need
When all I want is for everything to be free

For people to forget about dream lifestyles
And to just be real to who they really are.


Football on the radio again
With the laptop keeping me warm again
This is life in the last resort
As my heater lies prone on my room’s floor
Allowing me to freeze despite it still being only August
If it’s like this now who knows what the winter may bring
When the real cold weather kicks in
Leaving me worried for my life
With my laptop the only thing keeping me warm

Life here really stinks but there ain’t anywhere else I can go
Not now, not in this town
With property prices rising and the benefits being cut-back
There ain’t nothing left to do but sit and grimace
Hoping that someday something better will happen
But if, or even when, this could happen I’ve no idea
As the jobs have dried up and all the others pay nothing like enough
Minimum wage leaves me stuck with nothing to spare
And no place left to go unless I can make a big change

But what will that be and where will it take me
I don’t know, I just wish it would hurry up and get here!


“Hey sweets! I’m just going in here to steal my lunch, I’ll see you on the corner”
These are the words I hear from outside before
I catch a look at him I take a step-back knowing it best to just hope he don’t try and steal any fags or booze
A beast of a man with a dog that weren’t much smaller
Fortunately he only took a couple of cheap sandwiches and fled
Before my boss made it to the shop floor
After I’d called for his help

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  1. Brighton - the last resort - like it! How about smuggling a poem inside a sandwich between the pickle and the cheese, it could change someone's life instead of giving them indigestion (I've eaten those sandwiches.....).