Friday, September 4, 2015

Annabel Banks- Two Poems

From Sublevel Adolescence

v. other boy on the balcony 

heeltouch under lights
Dark-ringed eye, low throat dress

no pause in the beat
hips don't slow their rotation

to drink under drips
from Foucault’s sweating sky

she comes for me
dips between my knees

but won’t look up at him
won't check he’s watching

this vodka kiss sweetness
of chemicals and salt

x. unshattered

why are you trying to impregnate me
         she says. Do you find mummies sexy?
   Her arms around my neck in the dark

          it’s not about that I revolt. She is slippery
   I think about her I want her coaxing wet warm
her almost-forbidden I don’t know then yes

         willingness poured out, unfulfilled
   knees scalded from carpet stinging still
         into double geography to misunderstand
​ ​
​         ​
plate techtonics and what she meant by yes.

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