Friday, July 10, 2015

Kelley White- Three Poems

A songbird broken on the road
Massive B
December 12: While walking to his car
complainant shot once in back
of right knee. Two males began to go
through his pockets. Took one cell
phone and fled.
Love Symbol
December 13: Complainant argued
with offender who told him, “I’ve
got something for you” and pulled
out silver gun from his waistband.
Complainant grabbed for gun, it
fell, police arrived.
Killer Atonie
December 14: Complainant beaten
around the head and face after verbal
argument with offender, complainant
treated by school nurse. Suspect taken
to NWPD.
Poison Dart
December 15: Window broken
on 1995 Toyota Corolla. Two cases
of can soda, 10 bottles alcohol
              and one box of rubber gloves removed
from car.

Haiku book review #2
You would rather read
Zero/The Nothing That Is
than listen to me.
You approve of the prayer
Want to know who wrote it.
I am counting the veterans
Who will carry the great flag.
You ask if it must not touch the ground
I say turn to the vexillophile behind us.
He tells us the flag police are off today.
You are startled by the holes
Cut in the flag. know
They are to keep the wind from
Carrying the veterans away.
I have 27 flags in a box
In my garage. I was wicked
Patriotic. For the bicentennial.
And I might cry now, trailing
The parade through the Village
To the Pine Grove cemetery,
With a little basket of pansies
For my father’s grave. I have at last
Gotten him the proper veterans’ marker.
I think my mother is grateful. But
She is unhappy waiting for the parade
To pass Before making her way home
To the TV, to the programming
She hates. Did I mention the crowd
Gasped when the girl scouts
Laid the wreath? At an eagle—
We really believe it was an eagle—
Overhead? Whatever the raptor was
It was harried by small birds. One
Brave against its fierceness. And another.
And another. From sea to shining sea.

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