Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

On the Brink

men marry men,
and women marry women,
biology no longer to matter,
only chemistry,
the supreme court,
social workers instead of lawyers,
the laws unread,
words mean nothing,
warm fuzzys all around,
the culture fracturing,
Obama and the progressive elite,
pulling the nation to the abyss,
class warfare,
a revolution planned,
Russia and France revisited,
the guillotine ready,
let the killing begin.

The New Religion

bow America,
at the altar of sex,
worship the penis,
stiff and erect,
ignore the babies aborted,
and the innocents,
we infect,
the ultimate religious act,
the sexual release,
hot the chemistry,
the desire sweet,
God not dead,
but only forgotten,
He patiently bides His time,
death soon to wilt,
the penis erect.

Chief Justice Roberts

Mr. Roberts,
Jack Lemmon,
on the supreme court bench,
a well meaning fool,
the means justify the ends,
trading favors,
and ignoring rules,
to keep the ship afloat,
the battle of little importance,
but entertainment vital,
if Mr. Roberts ever to star,
the nation said to be,
in capable hands,
though whether the movie,
a comedy or a tragedy,
a question discussed throughout the land.

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  1. I thank you, Douglas Polk, for having the testicularity to be so politically incorrect in this day and age. It’s not bias against gays to oppose the new law by SCOTUS; it’s the defilement of marriage we object to. The only good thing about this latest ruling is that unlike Roe v. Wade, it doesn’t give Americans permission to kill anyone. God bless you and the editor for publishing these poems. They likely would not see the light at most other sites.