Saturday, June 21, 2014

Willie Smith- Two Poems


What am I gonna do
now the rent overdue
and in my wallet ain’t doo-doo?
Throw a shoe at the cat,
swat at a gnat, catch
a flyby yellowjacket?
Kick through the morning dew.
Puppies get soaked
as all the bills
soaked up my dough.
Wet, cold, shivery, even forget
where I got evicted from.

Hunt under the bridge for a crumb,
feeling like a crumb.
Rub the backbone of that cur
growling in my bowels.
All I need is duds,
grub, some decent flop.
Not this flop of a life.
The freeway roars, the jail overflows,
the mission by its own bugs devoured.
Me under an eave
in a downpour cowered.
Throw a shoe at the cat.
Step in dog flop.
Go crazy bugs. Catch
in mid-flight hell from a bumblebee.

What am I gonna do
now the blood overdue?
and in my vein ain’t doo-doo?


Eternity dawns at sunset.
Eternity knows,
stitched in the very word,
everything now.
Eternity knows everything new.
Before eternity nothing knew everything.
After eternity everything knew nothing.
Eternity at death rises down
to own the only word
left at peace
with itself:
O, eternity… o.

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