Sunday, June 8, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

burning beauty

"Leaving behind nights of terror and fear, I rise. Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear, I rise." - Maya Angelou

There's no point in lingering in the darkness,
the pale of these nightmares;
you are gone
so i must be moving on
because even stones cannot remain stagnant
even they slip to a new home,
and mighty glaciers melt—
i will rise into new epiphanies let that darkness
dance only on starless nights
where there are no lanterns of dawn to cut
across it's husk;
even then i will find some burning tremor
deep within, 
a light to penetrate the deepest darkness
for all these trails and pains
everything i've endured
this too shall pass—
all of these things we hold onto, all this pain and agony
it won't last forever
i will not be lost in the darkness dancing it's tongue to steal 
my joy
neither should you
we shall take our moments back,
and burn them into the beauty the world has forgotten.

a butterfly dreamer 
in a world of darkness
there must be a light
it comes within,
and i will not let it be extinguished
i will be the star
the rainbow
even if that means standing alone
the right thing must be 
will not be another mocker in a world
of scoffers
i hold myself to a higher standard—
refuse to be another critic,
another indifferent
in a world that needs healing and help
love is the most powerful
magic of them all;
i will give love for the loveless,
let those without
shelter seek a home in me
to me home isn't a place you live
it's the people you let in your
and only the kindest people will dine in my
banquet halls
have had enough with users and people trying to drag
me down through the darkest clouds in the
i am butterfly dreaming now,
and i will kiss all the flowers not just the pretty ones
because everyone deserves love
we're all beautiful in our own way.

remember your light 
i've left the dark nights behind me
will rise into the clear
of the day
the beautiful gold
resembling the light flashing it's passion
within my veins,
and there's nothing that will hold me
back aside from myself;
i must be strong, i must be brave
cannot right all the wrongs of the world myself—
but i can make a difference,
i will make my voice be heard i will let my
heart shine brighter than my ego
let truth and righteousness
crush wrongs and lies;
will relinquish my hand from revenge for it is a 
poison that destroys inward not outward,
and i was called to be different
than this world—
as ghandi said an eye for an eye will make
the whole world blind,
and it's blinded enough as it is;
with all it's injustices and greeds with all of it's hatred
and honor killings that are the most dishonorable terrors
i've ever seen—
there is nothing in honor that includes
hatred and there is nothing in love that includes
condemnation, selfishness, and cruelty;
i sing not because i have song,
but because i have something to say i am not a bird
will not sit content and idle in my tree
let the world pass me by
as the hatred and wrath of liars and fools burns bright
extinguish the light of the liars
make them face their
there is a light burning within each of us,
it is time we stop ignoring it
cling to it's goodness.

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