Saturday, June 28, 2014

Brad Middleton- Two Poems


They know who they are, the bastards
Those who claim to be an original, even an outsider?
For as long as you obey the
Values of your labels you’ll never be
Worthwhile or free or interesting to me
The people I value are the mad
The damaged and those outside
Your elitist label obsessed life
Yours is the life of someone
Who doesn’t understand that to
Be an original you need to stick out
But not just in what you look like
Be brave and speak your mind
The mad, the damaged and us on the
Outside speak our minds as if it’s
The truth cos our belief is based on conviction
We are the mad, damaged outsiders
Who will confuse with our words
Antagonize you with the way we look
Confound you with our life choices
As we march on in the search for truth


I’ve wanted to speak to you for a while now
To tell you it’s over; our friendship is no more
I just can’t take your flakiness any longer
No more questions of ‘out tonight?’
To which I used to reply but which would always
End with… nothing! No going out with you
To the bar, just idiocy

Come round you say and we can play with
The most trivial of pursuits and the worst of minds
I cannot tolerate how you treat me
For example when I tell you some news
I’d like a reaction but all I ever get is more about you
YOU! That’s all you ever care about
I was willing to be a friend when I didn’t know you well
But now I can’t get far enough away from you
And the boredom you bring
I’ve had enough and just want to get on with life

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