Saturday, June 21, 2014

Jude Conlee- Three Poems

I am not left with these
I will think of something
awful and I will have no regrets,
I will have no regrets, and
you will have been a liar
and I will neglect any whisper you made
to state, “think upon your future”.
No, it’s past.
I’ve gone by,
I’m the future I never had, I’m
done with thoughts and
here come actions!
actions and words
words and images
words don’t try
they don’t they never will they can’t
I am one of them,
my own kind call me and I’ll be here
no longer
no longer than it takes for
a word like “forget” to form on the wind
and blow away to its rhyme

Personal failure to breathe results in

Personal failure to breathe results in
a general existence failure that
makes others upset even if they
couldn’t stand your existence while the breath was
still in your body.

Rediscovery Is a Poisonous Fact
cover cancerouskiss,you are no-other to
be taken quite seriously like you knew what
was goingon in the goings on of the ((life you re-discovered
            and quite seriously it doesn’t pay,notforall the world
            to be slip-sliding-self-assured when
                        no one is
                                    going to
                                                see you
fall or
maybe stay
Jude Conlee is a person who puts words together, some of which are born from the writer’s experiences and some of which are born from supposals of lives that are not the writer’s own. Places that have published these words include Otoliths, and/or, Words and Images, and Southern Pacific Review. Aside from this, Conlee plays ukulele, finds almost everything fascinating, and forgets things.

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