Thursday, May 12, 2016

Jennifer Lagier- Three Poems

Say the True Clay Words

“It’s always good
to be underestimated,”
The Donald intones.
Tells us “One of the
key problems today
is that politics
are such a disgrace.”
Proposes a great wall,
American boots on the ground
to eradicate ISIS,
embraces more global warming.
Says “It doesn’t really matter
what the media write
as long as you’ve got
a young… piece of ass.”
Explains “The only difference
between me and other candidates
is that I’m more honest
and my women
are more beautiful.”
Boasts of his wealth,
“Even if the world
is going to hell
in a hand-basket,
I won’t lose a penny.”
Claims he doesn’t have time
for political correctness.

Ivanka’s Rationalizations

She insists she’s not
a clone or minion.
When people assume she’s
just the boss’s daughter,
they’re deceived,
despite his creepy assertion,
if they weren’t related,
he’d possibly date her.

Relishes notorious name-recognition.
She believes the harder you work,
the luckier you get.
Has a tough skin.
Expects a lot.
Everything about mediocrity
kills her.

Doesn’t think anyone can judge
what having it all means.
Considers herself fortunate
to possess a career,
political connections, wealth.
Be a powerful American woman

Throw Them All Out

The Donald doesn’t need
political experience or party elites,
just populist sound bites,
raging mob, slanderous insults.

Refuses to release
his tax returns.
Wants to suppress
that potential bombshell.

Vows to deport all illegal aliens,
appoint only anti-abortion judges
to the Supreme Court
once he’s elected.

“Why stop now?”
he challenges reporters.
Slams women, minorities,
liberals, progressives, GOP leaders.

Welcomes violent racists,
misogynists, xenophobes.
Taunts mainstream politicians.
Spits fire and falsehoods.

Jennifer Lagier is considering Equador or Costa Rica as a future home, depending on election results, and is seeking a companion Dawg or Snake.

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  1. The monster gurgles
    Calls it song; preens in the mirror
    Asks, Do they see fire!