Sunday, May 15, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Common and Unique

multiple the personalities of the Donald,
while Hillary probably wishes she had one,
poor Bernie,
he can not be duplicated,
but Hillary just another bureaucrat,
the only difference from her crony democrats,
her name,
both first and last.

The Word

Obama unravels the theory of law in the land,
by redefining every word,
changes always to be voted on,
both meaning and intent,
changes could not be,
just the opinions of one side,
one man,
but now,
words mean only what he says,
for he thinks himself divine,
He is the word,
in his tiny little mind,
judge and jury,
law unravels throughout the land.

The Debate

piss where you please,
I shall not be there,
in schools,
each student with a locker,
build the individual stalls in there,
equal rights demand,
our very own bathrooms,
pooping and pissing in private,
in the good ole USA.

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