Thursday, May 19, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


the problem in the modern world,
no one satisfied with who they are,
breast enlargements,
breast reductions,
penis enlargements,
nose rings,
no one happy to be who they are,
thinking happiness dwells in other souls,
souls with big breasts,
or small breasts,
large penises,
or small,
lovers of men,
or sheep,
dreams remain beyond our grasp,
while bodies mutitulated,
and psyches smashed,
their essence questioned,
along with their existence.
The New Normal

planes fall from the sky,
no longer a question of if,
only when,
civilians across the globe,
bombed and hacked to death,
while the president whispers,
"islamic terrorists,
but please don't say the words,
we do not want to offend,"
planes fall from the sky,
the new normal.

the EPA,
the bastard child of the KBG,
step child of the SS,
a paranoid president's idea,
Nixon never trusted no one,
no citizen of any kind,
the EPA,
and the IRS,
incestuous siblings,
screwing the American public,
while the government parasites,
masturbating in the trees.
there will be fines to be paid,
and jail sentences to serve,
if the foreplay not done right.

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