Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Roger Still- Two Poems

The Unicorn Hammer

"What is that?" the child asked
Eyeing the shiny object with speculation.
"That, is a Unicorn Hammer," the old man replied.
"What’s it for?" the child asked.
"Why, for bashing in the skulls of beautiful
Mythical creatures," the old man answered.
The child cried and cried while the old man
Simply chuckled to himself.

Captive to The Fool

Notice how the king is entranced
By the noises of the jester
Though they are crude, he is in love
With the netherworld of life
Watching as his jester takes him
To the dingiest depths of depravity
Then scales onto heights of impropriety

When the time for bequeathing comes
The jester will walk away with jewels.


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