Monday, May 2, 2016

Jennifer Lagier- A Poem

Moving Toward Death
Camille recognizes the slow dance
toward undignified mortality.
Despises drooping breasts,
multiplying wrinkles,
slight incontinence
when she laughs or sneezes.
Laments thinning hair,
proliferation of age spots.
Wonders how long
before sex drive evaporates,
mobility shrinks,
short-term memory vanishes.
Refuses to relinquish
sardonic personality,
caustic opinions,
hard-won independence.
Seeks equally disillusioned rebels
with an affinity for
weed, wine and irreverence
to join her revolution.
Jennifer Lagier is an aging child of the 60's who can be found sipping peach blinis at Nepenthe in Big Sur while in the company of unsavory reptiles.

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