Wednesday, May 4, 2016

JD DeHart- Three Poems

Fighting Words

In my mind, I can imagine
a conflict never found in
walking life

My words push an enemy                                                       against a wall
they are
                                    tumbling down
a scuffle
on the floor, bare-knuckled
tooth-chipping exchange

even as I sit still and craft
words, the wrongs unpunished.

Book Borrowed

He is the book borrowed,
the tattered corners, left on the shelf
a bit too long, pages passed over,
smelling like a stranger’s home,
then passed on to the next reader
a few more critical marks
added in easy-to-rub away pencil.

Regal Portrait

An image of the king
with a collar around his neck
a face that searches for an heir
or a pair of missing slippers

An image of the queen
looking like plaster, her face
as warm as castle walls
are imagined to be

An image of the whole family
now, posed still,
waiting for the day
their reign will meet its end.

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  1. A poet searching for metaphorical philosophical answers.