Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bruce Mundhenke- A Poem

Your Love

Give me your love in the morning,
Before the first bird sings.
Touch me once more in the darkness,
Feel again the joy your love brings.

Hold me again in the sunshine,
Laugh with me in the light.
Share with me every color,
That is hidden from us at night.

Sit at my side in the evening,
When the sky in the west is on fire,
Before the stars are falling,
Soon the night will be at our desire.

Be with me again in the darkness,
Broken by faint light above,
Touch me once more in the darkness,
Once again I discover your love.

When the sun is no longer shining,
And all the stars have fallen above,
And all the things from before are forgotten,
Yet still will remain your love.

Bruce Mundhenke has worked as a laborer and a registered nurse.

He  lives in Illinois with his wife and their dog and cat. He has poems in Calvary Cross, Dead Snakes, UFO Gigolo, Plum Tree Tavern, Jellyfish Whispers, and Poppy Road Review.

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