Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Brenton Booth- Two Poems


Hemingway got it right
as many times as anyone
else ever did
and when he got it right
was almost as good as
anyone that ever wrote
I can’t understand why
people bad mouth him
so much these days
but I guess even the most
average writers
need something to keep
them going.


How many times
have I been here
after midnight
alone in a dark
Sydney room
the fan blowing
but nothing to
stop it all
but the word
flowing now as
freely as ever
remembering all
those moments
of victory
all those poems
that came before
this one pulled
me away from
the razorblade
once again
for another moment
for another day
for another poem
that unlike most poems
is far more than just
a publishing credit.

Bio : Brenton Booth lives in Sydney, Australia. His poetry collection “ Punching The Teeth From The Sky” is available from Epic Rites Press. brentonbooth.weebly.com

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