Saturday, January 23, 2016

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

burning hell

sitting in the pouring rain
doesn't seem so bad
all the sadness
seems to vanish when i let it
wash away,
and all your condescending voices
of judgment and scorn
are silenced by the
roar of
all your demons come out in the open
so i know which hearts to slay
on the jagged edge of
my angry tongue—
you think you've seen my
you've yet to see me truly unkind,
but when you see the fire
in my eyes it's too late
to stop heaven
from burning away every piece of your hell.

secret keeper

i dance in the rain
laugh at my
own thoughts,
and hide behind umbrellas
hats and coats;
i'm good at hiding everything
my heart and soul
are not for sale or for profit
can't get any of me
for free;
once i gave away pieces of my heart
and soul to people who didn't
give a damn
made that mistake so many times
i forgot to keep track—
done being the giver to those who simply
use me for their own gain
i have no interest in
and i'll keep your secrets in silence
without judgment but that doesn't mean that
i'm you friend;
unless you treat me right.

monsters, beware, should you not be good

i love it when it rains
and thunders and lightnings
hard in my soul
because i see all the masks fall off
all the villains come out
running, trying to hide their faces
but i always knew;
i'm good at seeing through people
and all their guises
it is the honest people you have to fear
for we house all your secrets in our
we know your true nature,
and will slay you
if you become the vile monster—
evil monsters have no place living among the
and so when the rain falls
i dance
because my light will forever even shine
even on the darkest days because my
joy and hope isn't in the sunshine but in life and love
and laughter and all the things that make my
heart and soul smile—
flowers can't grow without rain
so i'll embrace it all
good and bad,
but all the evil monsters will be stricken down.

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