Monday, January 18, 2016

Jerry Dale McDonnell- Three Poems

Jerry Dale McDonnell is an actor of many decades, a published writer of fiction, plays, poetry, journalism, non-fiction, and a retired Alaska bush teacher and wilderness, fishing, and bear viewing guide. Residing in Alaska, he is one of twelve Alaskan writers featured in The Alaska Sampler, 2015, a free international E-book that can be download it at: Visit his blog:

Bohemian Radio Flocks

Bohemian Waxwings swarm the crag apple tree
like agitated political sign holders on the corner.
Crab apple drunk on staggering wings,
they slam into the window before flying off
flittering in screaming panicked flocks.

A neighbor listens to talk radio, cursing the air.
I sip wine and wait for tomorrow.

On television Mr. Rogers could
only be replaced by a cartoon.

Chilkoot Spring

After a whiff of spring
Snow slipped in.

Don't tell anyone the treasure
Is still there, lying bare.

Yesterday it smelled
Like woods’ walking.

The martin resting on a log, giving
Me a wink, bear awake, ridge riding.

Eagle not taking wing as I glide by.
The seals have returned to the bays.

From the tree top
Porcupine faking sad.

On this spring day of sundry sun my
Skis also seek a fool like me and bide me go.

The treasure remains. Someone left the
Vault door open for the pauper price of sweat.

I will glide and stroke,
Avoiding the overflow,

Up the Taiya River along the famous
Chilkoot Trail where thousands of

Fabulous fools brought their quixotic
Dreams in a poke leaving a few fingers

And toes and lives and hope
On a white staircase of bleeding gold.

Oregon Ode #1

Half moon bright light Oregon Night
Coyotes howl and yip around my camp.
They frighten me a little, so many of them
Surrounding me from everywhere.

I am alone, yet I own my place
And fall asleep in my worn, prime
Goose down sleeping bag assuring
Myself if I don’t frighten you
You won’t frighten me.

While hundreds of miles away
Millions of serious people
Frighten me more.   

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