Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jason Dean Arnold- Three Poems

Somewhere Blue & Weightless

Into the ground
you disappeared,
leaving only images
of your fragile frame.

Over three decades
You remain
painted unaware.

Your skin drinks
transparent words & little else
by the lake.

In my hands, I try
to hold no weight
& your warm breath
a hymn of unfamiliar language
climbs out of reach.

There was never very much
of you, only the sound
of moving water.


Late afternoon sunlight & shadow
dance silently across our wall
to entertain Eleanor.
Her seventeen months smile
chasing their own silhouette.

This diversion won’t last long.

Outside of this room
a thick green swell of swamp pulses
with cicada song & humidity
& every living thing is saturated in sky.

Our Ruins

A charred earth snaps awake 
with each step backwards
against smoldering underbrush. 

Look through these temporary angels.
Forget your given name.

From the sky,
cut paper petals return 
as ash grey butterflies. 

Descending figures,
briefly visible, vanish 
without warning. 

To a home silhouetted by fire
follow torn lines 
through blackened trees.

as evening breathes.

Open albums, 
dreaming leaves-
only fragments remain.

We belong to a lifetime
of letting go. 

Jason's writing can be found online and in print and a multidisciplinary work (composed for eight musicians and readers) was recently performed at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville (MoCA-Jax), Florida. He holds a doctorate in education.

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