Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ken Allan Dronsfield- Three Poems

<Pious Sufferance> 
"The night shows no mercy
upon those of the Light.
Walk the dark line as the
shadowed Moon speaks.
The Aura shines brighter
on this brisk Winter's night.
Feeling a trite stinging cold
as the Raven spreads his wings
while soaring to a warmer sky.
The darker line engulfing the meek
or shallow grasping burnt offerings.
Enlightened crosses hanging without
true belief making room for hypocrisy
and diabolical visions of pious sufferance.
Rest as your night shall show no mercy
upon the glorification of the Light.

<Wisp of Love>

My spirit is one with yours; since
the burning times and zealot's reign.
We have walked, talked, made love,
made war, lived and died together.
I have burned at the stake with you,
and with the rising smoke and ashes our
souls flew together into the night sky;
Now, after finally being reunited with you
after what has been an eternity,
I find myself there once again,
thrown onto the fiery pyre of wood,
and slowly burned to oblivion.
You haven't the strength to fight
my overly pious tormentors, or
put out the flames about me; so
once again I burn, a wisp of love,
but I burn.

<Midnight Fantasy>

I've sensed a special wildness
that is you within my dreams;
I've endured the flaming dagger
piercing my heart with intense passion;
I've tasted those tantalizing and
breathless moments in the sleeping hours;
I now know whom I want beside me
for the rest of my days;
 So perhaps one evening when your heart
burns an inferno and curiosity finds you
longing to touch, taste and experience
those desires kept shackled.
You shall finally be freed
from those bonds and inner demons,
consummating in a fiery midnight fantasy;
and perhaps then ... you shall finally think of me.

Bio: Bio: Ken Allan Dronsfield is a Published Poet/Author/Digital Artist from Oklahoma. He has been writing for many years and enjoys spending time with his cats Merlin and Willa. His published work can be found at numerous print venues: 


  1. I really enjoyed these three selections. I especially enjoyed "Wisp of Love"......a wonderful piece.

    Blanca Alicia Garza.

  2. Amazingly written. Written from the heart. I find myself rereading them

  3. Amazingly written. Written from the heart. I find myself rereading them