Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Jennifer Lagier- Three Poems & Photos

Coming storms simmer just beyond landfall.
Small craft seek shelter in crowded marina.
Blue horizon belies impending squalls.
Terns sense disturbance, evacuate inland.
Heavy seas crumple lagoon, besiege vanishing beach,
fling spindrift, kelp wreckage, unmoored detritus.
All night, surf rumbles and booms.
Banshee wind rips ashore, precursor to deluge.
Strange mist shrouds rising moon splinter.
Odd calm split by lightning looses wild rainfall.
Wild tides fling rogue waves, shredded kelp,
flay broken boulders upon stony beach.
Pelicans skim spindrift, buzz maverick surfers.
A single egret picks apart shattered snails.
Morning precipitates, a gauzy deluge
somewhere between serious shower and mist.
White skies mask atmospheric intentions,
offer no hint of future clearing or sun.
I shelter in warm kitchen, make a fire,
seek metaphors, celebrate seabirds and storm.
Marina Rainfall
All night, subtle percussion
reminds rooftops their purpose.
Parched earth absorbs what it can.
Beneath draggled roses, fractured petals.
Small puddles form.
For once, morning owls are silent.
White sky above sodden dunes
shifts to silver and gray.
Damp doves shelter among molting elm’s
remaining red and gold leaves.
Neither dog wants to leave a warm bed.
I snuggle further under blankets,
savor the luxury of deluge
without wet consequence,
rain’s symphonic downpour.

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  1. Anxious to see a book of Jennifer's poems/photos.