Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Douglas Polk- Two Poems

Deja vu

fifty years ago in the Soviet Union,
the media,
state run,
would hid the lies,
and tell only one side,
while the people suffered,
in America,
in the twenty first century,
the government and media,
now share the same beds,
pillow talk,
consists of political strategy,
planning stories,
to hid the lies,
and tell only one side,
while the people suffer.
A Plan

lives of patriots,
lost in a hundred countries,
in Cuba, Iraq and Afghanistan,
mean nothing,
for the President has a plan,
ideals and values are relative concepts,
changing over time,
but his wisdom infinite,
stable and secure,
he shall define right and wrong for the world,
and the country,
dismantling law and order,
Lady Justice can no longer be blind,
she must be allowed to see,
to pick the winners and the losers,
democrat or republican,
black or white,
laws relative,
instead of absolute,
along with his foreign policy,
and defending the weak from the strong,
the President has a plan,
but he,
the only one,
intelligent enough to understand,
it is not the political horse shit,
it appears to be.

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