Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Scott Thomas Outlar- Two Poems

One More Page
It spills out from the corridor
from the depths
from the high lofty perch
It crawls out from under the leaves
up in the trees
beyond the fire
It dies with a sudden hiss
a blanket comfort
a broken dream in the ditch
It does not cry
nor weep
nor laugh
nor dance
It is a stalwart stoic
languishing away
in a deathbed of stagnation
It is the child of evolution
born in retardation
never meant to see the sun
It is the dark curse of frustration
a liar’s haven
the place where chaos can rehearse
It comes forth with a mask on
scared of daylight
scarred from a million years of war
It holds out at the table
playing aces
not even knowing what the game is
or where the game goes
or why the game ever began
It sucks dry
its own poison
receives a dose of passion straight to the grave

Before the dark midnight hour
suffocates and squeezes all life from the day
I stand out near the edge
of a fiery abyss
looking over
and pissing down
to quench the flames
for I will not be afraid
of the lowly sounds
that rumble below
trying to rise up
when the hour grows late
and Satan thinks
he has a free ride
on Humanity’s tab
My glass is full
of red wine
but it is born of salvation
not blood, not fire, not lies
I am the antithesis
of compromise
I cannot be tempted
because I have already tasted
the worldly pleasures
that try to sell
the immortal soul
for a dollar
What a disgrace
I’ll leave it be
on Wall Street’s doorstep
and sleep tonight
in eternal peace

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