Saturday, December 27, 2014

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


serene the waters,
in the mind's eye,
a Victorian painting,
of years gone by,
open the eyes,
technology documents the chaos,
nervously people wait to be reassured,
sheep with no will of their own,
hoping to be comforted by the corrupt,
and the obscene,
unable to imagine,
waters serene.


black lives matter,
but not Christians or Jews,
kill them as quick as you can,
before the world tries to see,
our cameras in other places,
at moronic events,
on ignorant faces,
trying to warp the reality seen,
while people still being murdered,
in mind boggling numbers,
livestock to be slaughtered,
no thoughts involved,
it doesn't really matter,
if not covered or seen.
state of Mind

do not speak,
or think,
read no books,
God forbid,
we would want to offend,
dangerous to demand one's rights,
for terrorists may not agree,
and the government professes everything must be equal,
everything free,
so lets all sit in darkness,
safe and secure,
equally free,
in our self made cells,
offending no one.

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