Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stephan J. Anemaat- A Poem

Broken Glass

A vision cast upon the stone,
A wish enthralled on eyelids shut,
       Changes naught but covets more,
       Shells washed up upon the shore.
Awake, ‘tis less to be without,
We are but prey to constant want,
       For we, whose fickle folly spent,
       Mere cracks in dust at time’s lament.
In vain, we reached with outstretched arms,
To hold, to love, to be but touched
       By light we placed in broken glass
       And we but jagged shadows cast.

Author Bio:

Born in Sydney, Australia, Stephan J Anemaat earned a BA in Music Performance at JMC Academy in Brisbane. During his music career as a singer, he discovered a love of poetry and prose as well as fantasy and science fiction.

Stephan's style of poetry had been influenced heavily by his background in music, and his use of language and words often take on a musical elegance. His work explores the inner world of the human heart and the tapestry of human emotion.

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