Saturday, July 19, 2014

Douglas Polk- Two Poems

The History of the Islamic Extreme

In Egypt,
Sadat murdered,
the Shah falls in Iran,
while political thugs grab power in Libya,
and Iraq,
the Ayatollah receives western help,
living in France,
Afghan freedom fighters armed to the teeth,
by America,
battle the Soviets to a decisive draw,
the land left,
a mass of craters,
and a political void,
poverty rampant as America turns its gaze,
and the money leaves,
the region ignored,
until explosions occur in New York,
and Washington D.C.,
The American gaze,
now an angry glare,
the weapons and money once more return,
battling freedom fighters,
no longer considered free,
Hussein and Qaddafi swept away by western guns,
in the name of freedom,
a region once stable,
now in turmoil,
replaced by the Arab Spring,
opening the way for the Islamic extreme.

The Scourge

hear the cries of the souls of the unborn dead,
ripped and sucked from the womb,
dying painful agonizing deaths,
before their first breath,
pregnancy must be a horrific disease,
incurable and unpreventable,
a pox upon the land.

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