Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jonathan Beale- A Poem

The bag woman in the rain

The delicate
Motionless: branch’s (getting smaller to an invisible point)
Among the air

Still within the  air
Pure symmetry

One down
And one up
Torso twisted

In a frozen second
Stillness, just momentary

Amongst a green
Audience unaware
Nor caring

As the midnights
Magic dust
Somehow fell and found

This moment.
just had to to be
to retain this.

All tomorrows’
And yesterdays
And a state of being

The motion
Took me round
So in seeing

The other side.
Of beauties back
Touched by the eye

Like an accidental
Private view
Her lifeless frame

Retaining the life
In apparent motion
Gone in the horizon

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