Friday, July 25, 2014

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Malaysia 17

worlds collide in mid air,
summer time dreams,
vacations serene,
lost in a moment of naked rage,
hate and destruction no longer contained,
exploded over the sky of the Ukraine,
lives needlessly lost,
the evidence heart breaking,
evil ripples and grows,
expanding across the world,
while bodies collected and counted.

they talk of God,
and watch children die,
speaking always of a better tomorrow,
when will tomorrow be today,
or what if it never comes at all?

the wounds inflicted fester with age,
Bin Laden with 9/11,
his death warrant signed,
quietly waited,
knowing the poison spreading throughout this nation,
debate and discord replaced with chaos and fear,
politicians quake with indecision,
hard choices demanded,
but faith in the system gone,
Khrushchev buried,
but not his words,
echoing through the ages,
heard now on new lips,
"We will bury you."

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