Saturday, July 5, 2014

Richard Schnap- Two Poems


I see you at the supermarket
Looking for a box of crackers
They haven’t made in years

And I watch you seek out a deli
Where your friends used to gather
That long ago became a coffeehouse

And I catch you gazing longingly
At a house whose basement apartment
Held a girl you should have married

And I notice you checking your watch
To find out if it’s still working
Or if it too is stuck in the past


I have seen you
In a New Orleans penny arcade
Playing pinball for hours
As if machines were your only friends

And I have seen you
In a Midwestern bus terminal
Waiting to go somewhere
No different from where you’ve been

And I have seen you
In a New York train station
Lost within a crowd
Where every face became the same

And now I see you
Staring out a window
At the ceiling of distant stars
That never seemed so far away

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