Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wayne Russell- Two Poems

psychedelia doesn't live here anymore

introverted loner
dead on the side
of the fortress of
a forbidden soul.
watching candle
wax going down
into streams
of lackadaisical
you were the woman of
my inner most desire
my twin soul
introduced somewhere between
heaven and hell
within a chance
meandering beach meeting.
you were here
in pools
of blood red
rose garden
death musings
passion dance
sewing seed
smoking weed
that never did much for me
oh for you it was the shining
face of God.
you were the
cosmic clown
dwelling at the pearly gates
and you were the one
silently passed
on through those gates
way before your time was up.
you were the dancing myth
the love that exceeded
my every expectation
and in time i forgot you
and our brief time together.
within this intrepid journey of desire
the truth internal lye on frozen ground
swirling in the snow laden breeze
awoken by the carnal river of lust.
go back to the mist of reverberation
on the ghost train
of your quiet demise
go back and leave me
silent and still. 


the writers sorrow and the conformist grin

i can write like you
in circles so small and flawless
sentences cut up
and layered smooth
plastered on and phony smiles
golden medallion sunshine
never a cloud in site
flowers drowned in fields of clover
and flowing contradiction.

i can write like you
in class rooms of
conformist grin and intellectual conversation
analyzing every word
placing every coma and
full stop in its place.

i can write like you
in diversities rainbow soaring ever higher
apple polisher teachers pet the popular ones
nailing it knocking a home run every time
published again and again in chap books and
in books published online and in anthologies.

i can write like you
lost late at night within flights of fancy
hovering over steaming cups
of black coffee like Balzac
huddled in corners of darkened rooms like Plath
in torrents of perfected melancholic blackness.

i can write like you Berryman thoughts racing as
you plummeted to an untimely demise self inflicted
leap of faith into the awaiting arms of death below

i can write like you
but why should i?
i am me....


Wayne has been published in various zines over the years, including The Cannon's Mouth Quarterly, The Rolling Thunder Press, and Staxtes Greek Literary Review via their "English Wednesdays” Internet zine.Wayne can be reached via his Facebook page at the following link 

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