Friday, February 7, 2014

Michael Cluff- A Poem

 Saturday in Some Suburbs

Mangling melons with machetes
Mitch is made for the Marines.

Slamming slurpees into Susan's scalp
sent Saul to Stanford
as a study specimen.

Tomas is taking time
to work on his trigonometry
the test is next Thursday
time to transfer is tantamount.

Yvette is yawning
yard sales yield
yellowjackets and fever
the yearning yammers
equal yokes and yolks.

Shari shields strangers
from the sting of stratification
'specially those that would not
settle for the sidewalk or sewer
'stead of seeing they do not
slumber Sundays upstairs here.

And Adam refuses to see the velvet eve
that belongs to all
reserves it only for
diamond cutbacks
and roquefort.

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