Monday, February 10, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

let the beat play on
other than God
music is the
only friend
that will not betray
will not hurt me
and who does not leave
me behind
so i'll let this little
heart of mine
beat out all the melodies of
my heart
because music is my soul.

sing canary
sing to me, canary,
give me a yellow song
to cut through all
the noise
thundering on my skull
cannot take the
and her cruel rhyme
the cardinal
infuses too much passion
to my soul,
makes me want to burn
in the anguish of the tempest
of flames burning
within me;
give me something light
and airy,
something that makes me dance
goads all this melancholy
and rage straight
from my soul.

song of the phoenix

i'll sing songs
all your conquests and loves
tell the world
how once you conquered me,
but like troy
you were destroyed
i got the last laugh because
the joke's on you;
i'll sing songs
of how happy i am because
you were the leech
the parasite
sapping me of vitality and strength
i spent so much time missing
you that i didn't realize
i was better off without you
so wolf
i will sing songs that ravens can't
because i am no raven
i am a phoenix
rising from the ashes of the flames
that will burn you into
oblivion's wings.

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