Saturday, February 1, 2014

Brittany Zedalis- Three Poems

Under the Stars

His eyes dart over, curiosity
heating up my senses, that 
steady pulse pounding hard as
he approaches.

No words needed, he takes
my hand and we dance, no
longer strangers, our bodies 
move with rhythm.

His intoxicating scent awakens
the prowess within, so I lead
his lips to mine, bodies swaying
into the night. 

That golden stare strikes my
heart like lightning, we saunter
out under the stars and get lost
in love's complexity. 


When we walk by the classroom doors
they glance over, intrigued by this 
aura of endearment we give off for
one another.

Our footsteps pound the pavement 
simultaneously, fingers interlaced 
while their envious eyes watch our
every move.

Their animosity towards our contentment
slams into our senses but soon forgotten
without any recollection in 
our future.

We kiss and take off on a joyride, ignoring
the struggles of life, no vexations in our
one-track minds, together we cause one hell of
a pandemonium.

I Want You

Our eyes connect from across the room
Pencils and ink splatter the papers
Your signature stands out among many
Your eyes still hold my gaze
Our sentences begin to meld
Not once, not twice, but many
You shake from nerves
I shake from embarrassment
For I just ran into the table again
Our friend, he laughs because he knows
But you are still unaware
Your affections were being returned
You thought I was out of your league
You mouth the words of a song
Playing loudly on the radio
It was your way of trying to say
You wanted to go a step further
Into the unknown

Brittany Zedalis is a 21 year old college senior who is studying to be an elementary teacher. She has been writing poetry since middle school, and it is, in essence, her getaway. She plans to publish a book of poems one day, and runs her own photography business called Zedalis Photography.