Saturday, February 15, 2014

Shaquana Adams- A Poem

Dear Darien #3

Too often I cursed this hand for only being able to write. 
As many times as I think of you
I want to draw your face, just once.
I would draw the scar above your right eyebrow that no one would 
see otherwise,
the pain in your eyes from when you told me your father 
bashed your mothers head against a table,
the wonder of a child in a man’s body,
and your lips which defy racial stereotypes 
by being bigger than mine.
I think I would lose myself whilst drawing your hair.
It would provoke too many passionate memories
For my shattered heart to take.

Shaquana Adams is an internationally published poet with a fondness for the color purple. Her poems can be found in Napalm and Novocain, Dead Snakes, Inkapture, Snow Island Review, Bicycle Review, Verse Land, and The World of Myth. She is quiet on the outside but goofy on the inside and writes because the best thing about writing is that she can say what she needs to say. It is an awesome experience.

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