Monday, June 17, 2013

Udoka Okafor- A Poem

A night that never happened

Another teary bang from an alcoholic mother
Another fearful scream from her restricted throat
Another ocean formed from her outpouring tears
Another night passes by, and her bawls seem to go unheard.

Another trembling shout from an abusive father
Another bottle slapped against the faded wall
Another night filled with blood, pills, scars, and tears
But as morning comes, it seems to all recede into a vast abyss

Fake smiles, upon fake smiles, with fake memories of the night
The neighbors converse with utmost normalcy to the other
Night after night, abuse after abuse, none of it seems to ever have
happened, their memories washed away by the lies they bred

But, there is one witness to all the pain of a night that never happened
She sits at the corner of her bed, awoken by the screams, terror, and abuse
of her parents, the memories daunt her continually with reproachable terror,
as she awaits once more to bear witness to a night that never happened.


Udoka Okafor is an aspiring writer and poet. She is currently a sophomore at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Her interests includes politics, social issues, law, current affairs, literature, and poetry.

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