Monday, June 17, 2013

Linda M. Crate- A Poem

rain dance 
the rhythmic footprints
of rain washes away entropy
reigns in some sort of serendipity
i found when falling into his
azure blue moon eyes, 
dancing becomes a second nature
as i pirouette in the silver blossoms
singing his name in my heart;
i remember once he was soaking
wet with his hair matted to his neck,
and when he kissed me i felt like
i was graced with the osculation of a
king breathing his golden warmth 
against my rosemary flowers —
there was a lesson in this, there's always
a silver lining to entropy hanging on the elbows
of the bitter grey moon; i just wish i could
have captured the light in his eyes in an lantern
so i could remember that now as i grope around in
the thick of this dark cave without a clue as to
where i'll find the balm to kiss away the sting of 
recently opened wounds, threatening to bleed dry the
fabric of my heart crimson as a sunset.

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