Saturday, June 29, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

what is this country
coming to?
we're so far into hell's
handbasket i'm surprised the
sunlight can still find us
immorality and injustice rings 
loudest in a world of apathy
and indifference; in a world where
i'm right and you're wrong i'm
big and you're small mentality still exists —
prepare for battle, war is on the horizon
of every blackened cloud;
this fury of our darkest hour lays it's
angry palm before us, wanting nothing more
to crush us beneath it's bloodied hands
have we learned nothing of the past?
are we doomed to repeat the same mistakes
because people are all either not enough well read
or illiterate zombies that care not a dram for
books or education? can we not swallow
our pride and wear a bit of humility? why is it so hard
to admit that what we're doing and where we're
going isn't where we want to be?
women, men, and children in our nation once great
deserve better than the best this land is giving them
you shake your fist at gays, at women,
at anyone who thinks differently than you do?
then perish men in a sea of your own hatred
because love is the greatest magic of them all and she
could heal you, but you choose to give into the
darkness of your hearts and for that there must be consequence.

i was happy once before you
but now that you're gone 
i've forgotten to smile i asked the moon
but all he knew was of grey and silver
i asked the sun,
but found her laughter irritating not contagious
there's no denying it
you ate my pretty little red heart
now i'm yours; forever yours — 
what kind of manner of monster are you?
a charming man in wolves clothing
or a charismatic wolf in the disguise of man?
i suppose it doesn't matter, 
either way you've devoured my joy
for it only exists when i'm with you as if
the topography of a smile can only
be found in the presence of your love — 
all the sunshine in the world could not give
me the bliss of your passionate kiss
startling leaves off the trees in autumn;
you gave me a necklace
and a butterfly ring
for you my heart sings,  and if i had to spend
eternity with anyone then shine me seven
infinities spent in the comfort of your arms
because anywhere else is misery — 
your pretty white raven sitting in the tree,
has now been stained your shade of
indigo black hiding behind every smirk of your eyes.

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